"We are a grandmother!"*

Grandchild No 4
Caleb Eric Carpenter
It's another boy for Joanna and James!

Jasper 28 months
Jasper Evans

November 2000
(age 3)
Miriam Carpenter
Miriam Carpenter

born 3 January 2001
(age 6 hours )
Joshua Carpenter
JJ Carpenter

born 20 April 2004
  (age 12 hours )
Caleb Carpenter
Caleb Carpenter

born 26 July 2008
  (age 18 hours )

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We are delighted to be grandparents to Jasper, Miriam, JJ and Caleb

Jasper born on 11 November 1997 to Richard and Rachel.
Miriam born on 3 January 2001 to Joanna and James.
JJ born on 20 April 2004 to Joanna and James.
Caleb born on 26 July 2008 to Joanna and James.

Colin and Elizabeth Hicks


* "We are a grandmother" was Mrs Thatcher's quotable quote delivered to the tv cameras in Downing Street when she (and Denis) became grandparents for the first time